Paula Walters( Paula's puppies Lebanon,MO

East Boothbay, Maine 0 comments

Paula has ads on next day pets for several different breed of puppies.She is running a puppy mill.

She sold my friend who is a licensed breeder here in Maine. Pomeranian puppy who was 10 months at the time. He was supposed to have been well socialized and wasn't. Was told that that the puppy would be used for breeding purposes.

The dogs knees are no good We have found out with some research that others have made complaints. About her on For selling puppies sick with parvo and worm infestations and when this dog was oicked up at the airport it was like he had never seen anyone before . He would not even play outside he was skiddish around people.

And the knee problem was not found until after he was proven to be a breeder.

And also used for breeding on my female she also uses aliases to put her ads out.something needs to be done

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